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Mind the Store is your guide to what's happening now in retail, bringing actionable reports straight from the store floor to help brands and retailers navigate the future of retail in a tech-driven world.

State of In-Store

To Keep up With The Largest Shopping Market in History, Take Another Look at In-store Associates

Millennials have already outpaced their predecessors when it comes to purchasing power. And Gen Z, on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020, already accounts for $29...

State of In-Store

Inventory Management is the Bridge Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar

It’s surprising to some that the physical retail space is a key component of online shopping. While consumers may start their shopping journey online, many visit brick-and-mortar stores to see and...

State of In-Store

Stop the Disappearing Associate Act with Mobile Technology

Most consumers today have experienced the vanishing retail associate act: The associate, when asked to locate a product, will tell a consumer they're going to "check the system" or "see if it's in...

State of In-Store

Emotion Sells: 4 Ways to Connect with Consumers In Stores

The physical space of retail stores is a brand’s biggest asset, a place they can connect with consumers in a way that’s still impossible online. The key? An emotional connection: one that engages...

State of In-Store

Toys Lead Phygital Experience in Retail Stores

Amid a dour drumbeat of retail closures, bankruptcies and liquidations, retailers are investing in hybrid physical-digital experiences designed to engage shoppers, increase foot traffic and boost...

State of In-Store

3 Ways to Adapt in the Changing Retail Landscape

Many retail stores feel like walking through time, with the look and feel of shopping in 1999. Only, shoppers haven’t jumped into a DeLorean, and it's the 21st Century. And yet, everything is the...

State of In-Store

5 Things One Retail Buyer Wishes Brands Knew

Although their goals are the same (sales!), the relationship between brands and retail buyers can be strained—particularly in today's retail climate. Dollars play a major role, with net profit...

State of In-Store

Roundtable: Industry Insiders on the Promising Future of In-Store Retail

Mark Twain once said, “If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a few minutes."

State of In-Store

Survival of the Fittest: Darwinian Theory Applied to Retailers

Despite many recent news headlines, the retail industry overall is booming. Industry sales in 2017 are expected to rise by 3.8% again, outpacing the GDP growth at about 2.1%   Even sales in brick...

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