The Buzzword: Experiential Retail

Experiential retail is a brand buzzword that forward-thinking brand teams are chasing. On a large scale, there are retail locations that don’t have any merchandise for in-store sales, but rather are about immersing the consumer in a brand experience.

One such brick and mortar location comes from an unexpected segment, an airline. Virgin Airways has opened a series of experiential travel boutiques in the UK. Stores have travel information, consultants to plan holidays and even a full mock-up of their planes’ interiors. Shoppers can sample in-flight food, try out seats and plan their next trip. Of course, not every brand can create this kind of 360-degree retail environment but scaling in-store customer experience to your precise needs is something ThirdChannel can accomplish for you.

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How do we do it? We leverage the data your brand already creates, with uniquely matched brand reps that already know and love your products. This combination of tech+people brings your brand to the top of the heap with custom answers to the following:

WHAT retail execution obstacles are standing between my brand and higher sales?

WHERE can I find an authentic, brand-right field force that’s passionate about my products?

WHEN are the best times and days in multiple locations to host in-store demos and events?

WHO are my brand’s biggest fans?

WHY am I not already working with ThirdChannel?

To build a truly unique brand experience in brick and mortar, you have to connect with the customer. Every market has a community and we bring that community to your brand. We know who your target customer is and by leveraging data, passionate brand reps and promotional events, we make your brand a fan favorite in your industry. Take a look at one of our success stories and let us help you build a better in-store experience.

Published by Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing July 17, 2019
Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing