Tips For Successful In-Store Experiences

Retailers and brands need to manage vast amounts of data from sales, traffic, and customer loyalty programs and make the numbers work. While most purchases still happen in the store, customers have their 
smartphones at the ready and have likely done their homework before stepping foot onto the sales floor. If all they wanted from the process was a purchase, more shoppers were stay home and buy online, but that isn’t what’s happening. An estimated 90% of retail sales occur in-store. Shoppers are arriving at stores expecting more than just inventory and a cashier. They want an experience.

Product demos and promotional events are part of experiential retail, but they aren’t the only factors. Experience includes helpful and knowledgeable sales associates, proper signage, and fully stocked shelves and product displays. Do you know -

  • Educated employees can increase sales by 60%. And 90% of consumers report being somewhat or extremely likely to make a purchase with assistance from a knowledgeable associate.
  • A brand that partnered with ThirdChannel saw a 46% lift in sales when marketing and pricing signs were strategically placed
  • ThirdChannel research showed that stores with full displays sell $7,099 more per quarter than stores with displays that are not full

ThirdChannel’s uniquely matched brand-right representatives and our suite of software tools can up-level your in-store sales.

Published by Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing July 15, 2019
Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing