Don't Miss The Grand Finale

It might still be summer, but retail’s yearly big finale is almost upon us. Brand managers, buyers, and marketers have to gear up for the biggest season in retail, Holiday 2019. While many see Black Friday as the kickoff for holiday shoppers, the data shows that the start of the is getting pushed back a little earlier every year. Some shoppers are out there as early as the first week in November, looking for deals. It’s also when key account managers are looking at their budgets to determine where to best invest in their brand. If there are unspent funds in your marketing or retail execution budget, can you afford to let it go? Shouldn’t that money be working for you, right up until it’s time to ring in the new year? Anything that isn’t used by the end of Q4 could impact allocations for 2020. It’s the perfect time to consider a partnership with ThirdChannel. We’ve made a list (and even checked it twice) of why your trade dollars need to be working for your brand.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Timing matters. Some retailers rely on the holiday season for as much as 30% of their yearly revenue. It’s a data-driven environment, and you already have the numbers. Sales, foot traffic patterns, inventory, and supply chain. It’s all there, but are you harnessing it? Our Field Management System can give you an accurate and up-to-the-minute look at your brands, in every store that carries your products. ThirdChannel’s cloud-based retail analytics platform can optimize all of those numbers, in real-time, and turn the raw data into strategies that enhance the customer in-store experience and increase sales. We don’t need months to make it happen, we can have your holiday strategy up and running in just days.

Retail’s Little Helpers: Retail staffing is hard enough in Q1, Q2, and Q3, but during the holiday rush, there are considerable gaps in getting associates on the sales floor. Seasonal employees need training on brands, some of which they might be completely unfamiliar with, and competition is fierce. Any brand that isn’t upping their game could find themselves out of luck in the coming year when new products launch. Using up unspent marketing dollars at the end of the year, positions your products to own Q1 in 2020. Why not consider a pilot program with ThirdChannel to gauge customer interest? Product demos in stores can lift sales as much as 46%, and when a customer tries a product, they buy more of it than if they haven’t had a sample.

Wrap it Up: Ending the year with increased sales is always the goal. Shoppers want just the right gifts for their loved ones, whether it’s a high-end handbag, a new piece of tech gear, or that sweet set of golf clubs. ThirdChannel has helped retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Buy Buy Baby have total door coverage in their locations. We’d love to chat with you about wrapping up a banner year for your brand. Check some of these success stories and let us know how we can help you make Holiday 2019 a pretty package of sales and customer engagement.

Published by Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing August 6, 2019
Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing