Were you thinking about Christmas in July?

There are less than 150 days until Christmas 2019, and since retail is now a 24/7 industry with omnichannel sales, that means each one is a shopping day. Holiday 2019 is about to begin, are you ready? Is your brand positioned to take on the door-busters, the bargain hunters, and the holiday hordes? December isn’t just about trees and presents, it’s also the end of Q4 for many companies, and the numbers matter. Sell-through is a critical part of brand strategy, are you doing everything you can to stay ahead of the crowds?

Retail is data-driven. Each indicator, be it foot traffic, sales, conversion rate, or basket spend is relevant to moving forward. Gathering data and using it to plan long-range is how blockbuster brands are built. If your budget has unused dollars for marketing and retail execution, are you making the most of what you have left?  Key account managers, brands, and retailers never leave money on the table. Right now is the perfect time to apply remaining 2019 dollars to push your brand over the Q4 finish line. How do you get there? With ThirdChannel’s combination of people + tech. Think it’s too late? Think again.

Visibility matters. What you cannot see, you cannot use. With ThirdChannel’s Field Management System, our suite of cloud-based analytics, you have a single dashboard available everywhere you are, that can see into every store that carries your product. Brands that work with us can drive strategy in real-time with detailed insights. The data collected can surface all potential fixes and turn those insights into action plans. Adding your own POS data can track the performance of your team and your brand. Social media-style tools keep you in touch instantly with store associates and managers. The data is available as it happens, all day, all night, wherever you are. You don’t have to spend travel dollars to get to each location; ThirdChannel lets you see it all from your desk.

Then there are our uniquely matched brand reps. For the next few months, stores will be bursting at the seams with customers who have money to spend. Filling the gap with field agents that can navigate the sales floor and showcase your products exclusively is what we do. Brands that work closely with ThirdChannel found that 88% of the time a customer will choose to purchase an item after engaging with a brand representative or knowledgeable associate. Those brand representatives are also able to provide valuable data and insights on the ThirdChannel platform that help you understand better where to spend your trade dollars.

While the Holiday 2019 retail season is upon us, it’s not too late. If your budget isn’t fully utilized by the end of the year, you could risk losing 2020 allocations for marketing and customer acquisition. Choosing to partner with us doesn’t take months; it takes days. Get in, get engaged, and level-up your brand strategy to end the year on top and head into 2020 with a comprehensive plan to maximize your brand’s performance. Let us show you how to make year-end merry and bright.

Published by Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing August 1, 2019
Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing