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Brand Advocacy: The Key to Covering Retail Storefronts

State of In-Store, Future of Retail, ecommerce

No industry has been unaffected by the pandemic, but it can certainly be said that retail has been one of the hardest hit segments of the economy....

How In-Store Demos Are Changing

State of In-Store, Industry Trends, Health & Nutrition

Bringing back demos to the sales floor is essential for complex brands to gain market share. This is particularly important for health and wellness-based brands who have skyrocketing demand in the...

What we’ve learned from Victoria’s Secret

State of In-Store, Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories

The news has been punctuated with updates on the decision for Victoria’s Secret to go private while long-standing CEO Les Wexner - with the longest CEO tenure of any S&P 500 company - will step...

Overcoming Lagging Sales in Apparel

State of In-Store, Data Insights, Fashion & Accessories

High fashion is a tough business, with each season bringing a new look, and retailers and brands trying to stay ahead of the trends. But challenges that simple are a thing of the past - fashion...

Managing Regulated Products in Stores

State of In-Store

For most brands and products, optimizing sales in brick and mortar stores is fairly straightforward. Merchandise should always be attractively displayed, sales associates need to be trained on...

Making the Most of the In-Store Experience

State of In-Store

Everywhere you look in the retail landscape, it's about technology and innovation. What is the latest and best way to track sales? How can loyalty programs leverage the data they collect into news...

Is Your Brand Lost or Found?

State of In-Store, Fashion & Accessories

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to the retail sales floor, shoppers will definitely judge your brand by how it’s displayed, what signage is like and how it’s...

Are Rentals Wrecking Retail? 3 Major Shifts in Apparel to Watch

State of In-Store, Industry Trends, Lifestyle, Fashion & Accessories

Apparel sales, especially in women’s clothing, are undergoing a change, and not just one of styles, trends and seasonal collections. Women, especially those in the Gen X and Baby Boomer...

Temps or Trusted Talent?

State of In-Store, Future of Retail, Industry Trends

The “pop-up shop,” or store within a store concept, is a significant disruptor in the retail space. With many brick and mortar department stores shrinking their sales floor space and partnering...

Don't Believe Everything You Read

State of In-Store, Data Insights, Industry Trends

Don’t believe everything you read. Good advice, right?

Despite the billions of bytes of data, information, news, and opinions floating around about the economy, and specifically the retail space,...

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