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Is your brand benched or on the field?

State of In-Store, Sporting Goods

Batter up. It's coming on to summer, and there are all kinds of outdoor sports and games going on. If your brand is all about the sporting life,...

5 Things One Retail Buyer Wishes Brands Knew

State of In-Store, Sporting Goods

Although their goals are the same (sales!), the relationship between brands and retail buyers can be strained—particularly in today's retail climate. Dollars play a major role, with net profit...

Survival of the Fittest: Darwinian Theory Applied to Retailers

State of In-Store, Industry Trends, Sporting Goods, Fashion & Accessories, Health & Nutrition, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

Despite many recent news headlines, the retail industry overall is booming. Industry sales in 2017 are expected to rise by 3.8% again, outpacing the GDP growth at about 2.1%   Even sales in brick...

Dick’s Sporting Goods Shake-Up: Something More at Play?

Industry Trends, Sporting Goods

On March 7, Edward Stack, CEO and chairman of Dick’s Sporting Goods, announced the company is dropping 20% of its brand offerings. This news is part of a larger redirection for the sporting goods...

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