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Mind the Store is your guide to what's happening now in retail, bringing actionable reports straight from the store floor to help brands and retailers navigate the future of retail in a tech-driven world.

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Customer Centricity

"The customer is always right." Is this still the case? Should brands be bending over backward to meet every need, offer every service, and agree to whatever terms a buyer wants? Clearly, that's...

Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

The Showroom Strategy: 5 Tips and Tricks for Consumer Brands

There’s a new buzzword in town that’s not just for car dealerships and furniture manufacturers anymore.

That’s right: showrooms.

Forget whatever visions of shiny SUVs on slowly rotating pedestals...

Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories

Self-Disrupt or Die: How Retailers and Consumer Brands Are Reinventing Themselves

Sometimes it can feel like retail is all about the race to innovate: where you either come up with the next great idea or see yourself fall behind.

State of In-Store, Fashion & Accessories, Pet

What Does the Rise of Private Label Mean to Retail Brands?

Does it seem like Amazon is always announcing a new industry disruption? Most recently, Amazon launched its own private label brand of dog food called Wag. Some say this new private label is the...

Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories

Physical Retail Thrives as Digitally Native Brands Arrive on the Scene

Everyone has been watching with almost voyeuristic interest the ways that brick-and-mortar retailers are competing with ecommerce companies. Target announced new services that help make the...

Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories

What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Learn from Alibaba’s New Retail Strategy

Increasingly, ecommerce giants are expanding into physical retail, because they’re learning what retail brands and manufacturers already know: that in-store is where a majority (over 90%) of...

State of In-Store, Fashion & Accessories, Footwear

Point-Of-Sale Analytics Help Brands Drive Sales, Become a Better Partner to Retailers

This guest post was contributed by T.J. Blons, Sales Manager, Supplier Analytics at SPS Commerce, a ThirdChannel partner. 

State of In-Store, Fashion & Accessories

Inventory Management is the Bridge Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar

It’s surprising to some that the physical retail space is a key component of online shopping. While consumers may start their shopping journey online, many visit brick-and-mortar stores to see and...

State of In-Store, Home Improvement, Fashion & Accessories

Stop the Disappearing Associate Act with Mobile Technology

Most consumers today have experienced the vanishing retail associate act: The associate, when asked to locate a product, will tell a consumer they're going to "check the system" or "see if it's in...

Industry Trends, Home, Fashion & Accessories

New Store Formats Show Promise for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Earlier this year, Target unveiled plans for new store layouts to accommodate changes in the retail industry. The goal is to create separate spaces for the errand-running shoppers and those taking...

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