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Gina Ashe, CEO

Gina Ashe, CEO

Gina Ashe is the CEO of ThirdChannel, a Boston-based technology company and the leading provider of retail execution and analytics solutions for consumer brands. A graduate of Columbia University and NYU’s Stern School of Business, Ashe has worked in finance, advertising and health care. She is passionate about digital marketing in the retail space. After trading on Wall Street and working to build a physician crowdsourcing engine for Sermo, Gina co-founded Krush, an online retail site that connected brands with consumers. From there she was tapped to lead ThirdChannel where she continues to innovate in data analytics, retail marketing, and branding strategy.

The Halo Effect

Data Insights

In retail, there is often a divide between e-commerce and brick and mortar sales, but brands that want to level up their consumer engagement...

Is Omni-Channel Marketing Dead?

State of In-Store

A quick Google search on the term “omni-channel” will yield dozens of hits on whether or not the retail concept is still relevant. In its simplest form, it means a seamless integration of retail...

Millennials and Home Improvement

Data Insights, Industry Trends, Home Improvement

Millennials. They are often maligned and misunderstood, but looking closer at their demographics and behaviors reveals a great deal about their value as customers to home improvement retailers....

Touch, Feel, and Spend

State of In-Store

While e-commerce isn't going away, brick and mortar is still the Super Bowl of retail sales, brand awareness, and customer experience.  Sporting goods especially are a purchase that most shoppers...

More Impulse Buys In Stores, Not Online

Future of Retail, Industry Trends

After a seven-year process of legal wrangling and negotiations, online retail giant Amazon will soon have its own brand-specific TLD (top level domain.) While it’s a victory for the company’s...

First Impressions Don’t Give Second Chances

State of In-Store

Total retail sales in the United States hit $3.6 trillion last year, with a full 85% of that figure reflected in purchases in retail stores. While that is reassuring for brands that have a strong...

Beauty and the Boom

State of In-Store, Industry Trends, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or is it caught in the crosshairs of marketing departments seeking to keep their brands looking back from the mirror mirror on the wall? While beauty products...

Top Ten Tips for Your Field Force

State of In-Store, Industry Trends

Marketing is about making sure your product or service is featured in the best possible light. One way to do that is to have in-store brand representatives that can demonstrate a product, engage...

Self-Disrupt or Die: How Retailers and Consumer Brands Are Reinventing Themselves

Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories

Sometimes it can feel like retail is all about the race to innovate: where you either come up with the next great idea or see yourself fall behind.

What Does the Rise of Private Label Mean to Retail Brands?

State of In-Store, Fashion & Accessories, Pet

Does it seem like Amazon is always announcing a new industry disruption? Most recently, Amazon launched its own private label brand of dog food called Wag. Some say this new private label is the...

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