What Matters Most When it Comes to Assisted Selling [Infographic]

The human attention span is short.

According Tony Haile, former CEO of the web analytics company Chartbeat, people spend 15 seconds or less on a webpage before they move on to the next. In-person, the human attention span lengthens, but not by much. ThirdChannel data found that sales associates have no more than 30 seconds to keep a customer engaged and interested in a product. And unlike ecommerce sites, store associates can leverage the experience they garner from shopper interactions to adjust their sales approach—focusing on which aspects of the sale matter most to consumers.

Successful associates have figured out the key ingredients and useful strategies to maximize the effectiveness of their 30-second sales pitch that will intrigue consumers and get them to the checkout line with product in hand.


30 Seconds or Less v4_TC-01.jpg

Published by Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing July 20, 2017
Ashley Triscuit, Director of Marketing