Apr 18, 2017 Brian Tervo, CEO

Revitalizing ROI: Double Sales Annually with the Right Signage

Most in-store signs highlight one of two things: pricing or marketing. Pricing signs help consumers assess value and cost (often boasting deals or markdowns), while marketing signs help customers locate products and identify key differentiators (such as cutting-edge technology or an exclusive feature). The aim? Add a little extra encouragement for consumers to buy—and a ThirdChannel study shows these signs can do just that. 

The study, which spanned a 6-month period, measured sell-through rate as it relates to signage across 149 stores across the country for a large sporting goods manufacturer. For example: how do basketball sales perform without signage, versus with signage? 

The results demonstrated signage had a strong impact on sales, increasing sell-through rate up to 101 percent each week. This lift occurred when either pricing or marketing signage was present. Looking to raise prices even more? The same study found that having both pricing and marketing signage together produced an even higher sell-through rate: 


Signage Infographic_FINAL.png

Published by Brian Tervo, CEO April 18, 2017
Brian Tervo, CEO