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The Recipe for an Impactful Sales-Driving Demo (Infographic)

Gina Ashe, CEO
by Gina Ashe, CEO
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's hard for brands to stand out on a crowded store shelf. That's why so many invest in product demos: they're a trusted strategy for driving product trials and sales.

But, not all demos are made the same. Some are instantly forgettable - nothing more than a quick snack break in the middle of a shopping trip - while others stick in shoppers' minds as a fun, educational and entertaining experience at the store.

How do you ensure that your demos help your brand stand out, and, as a result, deliver the biggest bang for your buck? To find out, we dug into the data. One leading beverage brand recently tried out three different types of sales strategies, and found that they had the most success with demos that had a great presentation, that were supported by the right promotion, and that were hosted by engaged, knowledgable sales associates.

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Check out the infographic below to The Recipe for an Impactful Sales-Driving Demo.


Recipe For An Impactful Demo-01.jpg

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