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Mind the Store is your guide to what's happening now in retail, bringing actionable reports straight from the store floor to help brands and retailers navigate the future of retail in a tech-driven world.

Data Insights, Industry Trends, Home Improvement

Millennials and Home Improvement

Millennials. They are often maligned and misunderstood, but looking closer at their demographics and behaviors reveals a great deal about their value as customers to home improvement retailers....

State of In-Store, Outdoor Goods, Home Improvement

Own the Outdoor Season

Another summer is upon us and the “honey do” lists are getting longer. Planting flowers, making home repairs, and getting the backyard ready for BBQ season all drive retail sales in home and...

State of In-Store, Home Improvement, Fashion & Accessories

Stop the Disappearing Associate Act with Mobile Technology

Most consumers today have experienced the vanishing retail associate act: The associate, when asked to locate a product, will tell a consumer they're going to "check the system" or "see if it's in...

Industry Trends, Home Improvement, Fashion & Accessories

What Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report Means for the State of In-Store

Last week, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker shared her annual Internet Trends Report. Interestingly, this highly anticipated commentary on all things internet has some strong...

Industry Trends, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics

Data, Data, Data: Applying the Lessons of Ecommerce Success In-Store

Ecommerce accounts for less than 10 percent of retail sales today, yet brands everywhere are pouring resources into online innovation. Walmart, for example, acquired Amazon competitor Jet.com for ...

Industry Trends, Home, Home Improvement, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

Why Mobile is a Customer Relationship Builder

Today, 90 percent of customers browse stores with phone in hand, so brick-and-mortars should think of mobile as a medium for building relationships.

Future of Retail, Home Improvement

Retailers: Check Your Beacon’s Blind Spots

Since the unveiling of iBeacons in 2013, tech experts have hailed beacons as a retail industry game changer for their potential to gather customer data and enhance the in-store experience. But...

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