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Stay Away from the Customer

Data Insights, Industry Trends

A customer walks into a store…no; it’s not the opening to a bad joke; it’s something that happens every day, thousands of times. The trick for...

Who Let the Dogs In?

Data Insights, Pet

“Who let the dogs in?” Who doesn’t love a warm puppy with a cold nose, or a furry cat to purr on your lap? Pets are a big part of families; research shows that in San Francisco, there are more...

Measuring and Managing Your Data

Data Insights, Future of Retail

"You Cannot Manage What You Don't Measure"

Retail Analytics: Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Data

Data Insights, Industry Trends

IT strategy as it relates to retail is more than just a bunch of data crunching algorithms that are generated quarterly. Having software in place that shows what happened during a specific period...

Back to Basics for the Back-to-School Shopping Season (Infographic)

Data Insights, Baby & Kids, Consumer Electronics

Back-to-school is the second-busiest retail season each year for brands that sell everything from apparel and accessories to supplies and electronics. How can brands put themselves in the best...

Don’t Let Shiny Tech Distract You from Fixing Basic In-Store Execution Issues

Data Insights, Consumer Electronics

In the ongoing battle to improve in-store profit, retailers and brands are experimenting with flashy new technology or gimmicks like in-store entertainers to generate sales. Driven by competition...

What Can Brands Learn from Their Best-Performing Stores?

Data Insights

The idea is simple: There's incredible value in brands optimizing their in-store footprint to maximize sales. 

The Secret to Long-Term Brand Sales? A Great Customer Experience

Data Insights, Food & Beverage

It’s no secret that today’s customers are looking for a better in-store shopping experience. While 64% of Americans still prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, most shoppers agree that...

Are Your Brand Field Teams Optimized for Happy Customers and Higher Sales?

Data Insights

When you arrive at work in the morning, what tactics do you use to make sure you’re focused on the most important items? Maybe you use to-do lists, or perhaps you keep a planner. Whatever the...

Top 10 Tips for Next-Generation Demos and Assisted Selling in Stores

Data Insights, CPG, Home, Home Improvement, Health & Nutrition, Pet, Consumer Electronics, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene, Food & Beverage

At a time when nearly half of retail CIOs say growth is their top priority for 2018, brands and retailers are searching for ways to make the physical store more engaging for customers, and...

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