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The Top 3 Analog-Tech Tactics for Consumer Brands

Industry Trends, CPG

What if we told you that digital is dead? You wouldn’t believe us—and for good reason— but it’s a fact that the way retailers approach their...

Will Target’s Latest Moves Help it Compete Better With Amazon and Walmart?

Industry Trends, CPG, Food & Beverage

Target’s been busy recently bolstering its supply chain and eCommerce operations to excite any shoppers looking for convenience. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us.

Data Shows Assisted Selling Boosts Brands’ Bottom Lines

Data Insights, CPG

Assisted selling is a tried-and-true method brands use to drive sales in retail stores. The sales tactic involves companies sending brand champions into third-party retail stores to work alongside...

How Target’s New Floor Plan Will Divide to Conquer

Future of Retail, CPG, Home

In response to declining foot traffic, competition from neighboring stores that carry similar products and other financial pressures among brick-and-mortar stores, many retail companies are...

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