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Guest Author

All Work and No Play Makes In-Store Shopping a Dull Experience

Industry Trends

Does it sometimes feel like shopping in stores has become as painful as, say, traversing a cavernous hotel with little offerings in the middle of...

The Culture Club: Connecting Consumers and Brands in Stores

Industry Trends

We’re not gonna lie: creating brand culture is much easier on a large scale if you have your own retail stores. Take Warby Parker, for instance, who transformed their SoHo store into a...

QR Codes Are Making a Comeback (And We’re Just as Surprised as You Are)

Industry Trends

Remember QR codes? They were all the rage at the end of the Aughts, but just as quickly as they appeared they disappeared, never to be seen again.

Or so we thought.

The Showroom Strategy: 5 Tips and Tricks for Consumer Brands

Industry Trends, Fashion & Accessories, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

There’s a new buzzword in town that’s not just for car dealerships and furniture manufacturers anymore.

That’s right: showrooms.

Forget whatever visions of shiny SUVs on slowly rotating pedestals...

The Rise of Robots: How New Technologies Affect Retail Strategies

Industry Trends

Imagine this: You walk into your favorite brick-and-mortar store and are immediately greeted by a robot—let’s call her Ali—on wheels. With just one look, Ali knows your name and shopping...

Concerned About Tariffs? Here’s What Consumer Brands Can Do.

Industry Trends

It’s looking more and more like a new round of tariffs will directly hit consumer brands—and their customers—with tariffs on everything from electronics to clothing to beauty products.

3 Ways Petco’s New Concept Store Can Transform Your Retail Strategy

Industry Trends, Pet

Expert education. Personalized pampering. Tasty treats. If that sounds good to you, just think how much your pet is going to love it.

PetCoach—the brainchild of big-box pet retailer Petco—has...

The Top 3 Analog-Tech Tactics for Consumer Brands

Industry Trends, CPG

What if we told you that digital is dead? You wouldn’t believe us—and for good reason— but it’s a fact that the way retailers approach their ecommerce sales and marketing strategies is changing....

What Does it Take to be an All-Star Brand Ambassador?

State of In-Store

Even though 64% of Americans still prefer to shop in-store, most shoppers agree that there’s room for improvement when it comes to the in-store experience. Invested brands are creating their own...

5 Steps to Flawless Retail Execution

State of In-Store

Ramping up your in-store action plan is more than just opening doors and having product in place—it’s creating a robust, multi-faceted approach that pairs analytical insights with dynamic...

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