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Brian Tervo, President & COO

Brian Tervo, President & COO

It Only Takes One To Get on the Brand Blacklist

State of In-Store, Data Insights

Keeping track of your brand’s customers, demographics, traffic patterns, sales, and countless other data points is a big job. Retail execution is...

The Millennial Parent Expectation

State of In-Store, Data Insights, Baby & Kids

It’s been said that the happiest days are when babies come. For parents, of course, babies are a life-changing event. For retailers, however, babies are big business. Globally, the baby product...

Stay Away from the Customer

Data Insights, Industry Trends

A customer walks into a store…no; it’s not the opening to a bad joke; it’s something that happens every day, thousands of times. The trick for retailers is to know what that customer wants. Stores...

Survival of the Fittest: Darwinian Theory Applied to Retailers

State of In-Store, Sporting Goods, Fashion & Accessories, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

Despite many recent news headlines, the retail industry overall is booming. Industry sales in 2017 are expected to rise by 3.8% again, outpacing the GDP growth at about 2.1%   Even sales in brick...

That Retailer You Sell to Just Declared Bankruptcy. Now What?

Industry Trends, Outdoor Goods, Fashion & Accessories

Let's start with the bad news: According to Moody's Investors Service, the number of retailers it classifies as "distressed" hasn't been this high since the peak of the 2008 recession. Retail...

Revitalizing ROI: Double Sales Annually with the Right Signage

Data Insights

Most in-store signs highlight one of two things: pricing or marketing. Pricing signs help consumers assess value and cost (often boasting deals or markdowns), while marketing signs help customers...

3 Ways Weather Forecasts Can Improve Retail Sales Forecasts

Data Insights

Bad weather is often bad news for retailers, preventing shoppers from showing up in stores and therefore putting a big dent in sales. When massive snowstorms hit the Boston area in early 2015,...

Revitalizing ROI: Data Shows Well-Trained Associates Increase Retail Margins

Data Insights, Fashion & Accessories

According to data collected from brands across industries, of varying sizes and in-store priorities, there are factors that consistently improve sales for brick-and-mortar stores. In this...

Why Mobile is a Customer Relationship Builder

Industry Trends, Home, Home Improvement, Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

Today, 90 percent of customers browse stores with phone in hand, so brick-and-mortars should think of mobile as a medium for building relationships.

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