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Brian Ash, Director of Customer Strategy

Brian Ash, Director of Customer Strategy

Brian Ash is a Director of Customer Strategy at ThirdChannel, a Boston-based technology company and the leading provider of retail execution and analytics solutions for consumer brands. He graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Finance and earned an MBA from Boston University in Marketing. He has worked in the Finance & Banking industry and has held a series of business development roles at both large and small CPG companies. He is an expert at leveraging technology to maximize resources and passionate about bringing brands to life on-shelf and unlocking sales potential.

How In-Store Demos Are Changing

State of In-Store, Industry Trends, Health & Nutrition

Bringing back demos to the sales floor is essential for complex brands to gain market share. This is particularly important for health and...

Tumultuous Weeks for Organics Retailers

Industry Trends, Health & Nutrition, Food & Beverage

As grocery floor space diminishes, where does that leave natural and organic brands? ThirdChannel commits to bringing actionable tips to make the most of your in store presence during the ups and...

Where to find growth with consumers in the Naturals Market?

Industry Trends, Health & Nutrition, Food & Beverage

“Naturals” accounted for a whopping 27.4% of the growth within the food and beverage industry during 2019. According to SPINS 2019 State of the Natural Industry report, the natural food and...

What's Ahead in the Toy Market for 2020?

Industry Trends, Baby & Kids

Target was expecting to post a better showing for Holiday 2019, especially with seasonal merchandise like toys, electronics, and some home decor products, but they fell short of expectations....

Managing Regulated Products in Stores

State of In-Store

For most brands and products, optimizing sales in brick and mortar stores is fairly straightforward. Merchandise should always be attractively displayed, sales associates need to be trained on...

Malls... featuring Grocery Stores?

State of In-Store, Industry Trends

“Where have all the anchors gone? Long time passing…”

The retail landscape is in an arc of change, especially as it applies to big box stores and mall anchors. Sears, once the giant of mall...

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