Meeting Modern Expectations with Same-Day Shipping: How Delivers

Four Pillars of Elevated Customer Expectations

In retail, the journey doesn't end at checkout — it's just the beginning of building customer loyalty and trust. Why? Because every purchase comes with an unspoken expectation: fast shipping that matches the convenience and immediacy of the buying experience. 

In fact, McKinsey reports that nearly half of shoppers abandon their online carts if shipping times are too long or aren’t provided. So, how can you ensure your shipping meets these critical expectations?

In this blog, we'll explain how to transform your shipping process into a seamless, customer-centric experience. We'll show you simple yet effective strategies for reducing delivery times, using technology to enhance tracking and communication, and ensuring customers feel valued every step of the way.

The Four Pillars of Elevated Customer Expectations

Modern consumers have high standards when it comes to shipping, and meeting these demands means focusing on four key aspects: 

  1. Speed. Today's consumers expect their orders to arrive within hours, not days. This shift is driven by the increasing pace of daily life and the rise of instant gratification culture, in which it's becoming increasingly difficult to grab and retain customer attention. Whether it's a last-minute gift or an outfit for an upcoming event, speedy delivery can make or break the customer experience. Retailers who excel in this area stand out from competitors and foster loyalty by consistently delivering what customers need, precisely when they need it.

  2. Reliability. Reliability goes hand-in-hand with speed. It's not enough to promise quick delivery; you must also ensure that packages arrive on time and in perfect condition. Any failure in this regard can erode trust and damage your brand's reputation. Reliable delivery systems require robust logistical frameworks and meticulous planning. By investing in advanced logistics solutions and partnering with dependable couriers, companies can meet high consumer expectations for flawless deliveries every time.

  3. Transparency. Modern consumers want to stay informed about their order status from the moment of dispatch to the final handoff. Real-time tracking technologies provide this visibility, offering detailed updates on the package’s journey. This level of transparency builds trust and reduces anxiety, reassuring customers that their purchase is enroute. Implementing user-friendly tracking systems can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and foster a sense of control over their shopping experience.

  4. Flexibility. Finally, consumers desire options that fit their busy schedules, including choosing specific delivery windows and the ability to reroute packages if plans change. Offering flexible delivery solutions caters to diverse needs and enhances convenience. By adopting adaptive delivery strategies, retailers can accommodate last-minute changes and ensure that receiving a package is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

How eCommerce Solutions like Simplify Same-Day Shipping

As same-day delivery becomes the norm, leveraging advanced ecommerce solutions — like, ThirdChannel's Digital Solution - can transform your post-purchase experience. 
Given that 63% of retailers use AI to improve customer interactions, with 40% dedicating teams and budgets to the technology, it's clear that integrating these tools is crucial for staying competitive. After all, these tools don't just streamline operations — they build trust and loyalty among your customers by addressing their elevated expectations. Here's how:
Track Shipments in Real Time. 
Real-time tracking and notifications have set a new standard in shipping. For example,'s track & trace solution offers you carrier-agnostic stop-by-stop shipment tracking across more than 1,000 carriers. With a branded order status landing page, support for split shipments, multi-destination orders, and store pickup orders, you can keep your customers informed at every step. This system includes estimated delivery dates and proactive communications via SMS, social media, and email. Plus, AI-powered virtual agents handle order status and delivery issues swiftly, ensuring peace of mind for your customers. Keeping customers informed reduces anxiety and builds trust, leading to repeat business and positive reviews. 

Automate Delivery Updates.
Automated delivery updates are essential for transparency and trust. For instance,’s order status support provides extensive carrier-agnostic tracking and proactive communication across multiple channels. Your customers receive updates through SMS, email, and social media messages, keeping them informed without effort on your part. When human intervention is necessary, AI-powered digital first responders connect your customers to live agents, ensuring smooth and timely resolutions. This proactive approach minimizes confusion and frustration, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Empower Customers with Self-Service.
Self-service options empower your customers to resolve their issues independently.'s CX automation platform, for example, integrates seamlessly with contact center solutions and ecommerce platforms like Gladly. This integration allows customers to access information instantly, reducing wait times and enhancing their post-purchase experience. By giving your customers control, you not only improve their overall experience but also decrease the burden on your support team, considering that using chatbots to respond to customer service requests saves an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes per day.

Deliver Personalized Support.
Personalized support meets individual customer needs, fostering trust and loyalty. For example,’s AI-powered support provides tailored assistance across social network channels, offering advanced support and product recommendations during post-purchase interactions. This not only resolves issues but also drives additional sales, improving both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Personalized interactions show customers that you value their unique needs, which can significantly boost retention rates.

Integrate Customer Service Channels.
Effective integration with customer service channels ensures consistent communication., as an example, supports all major communication methods, including webchat, SMS, social network messaging, smart-voice systems, and email. Its CX automation platform’s pre-built integrations with contact center solutions guarantee that your customers receive prompt and accurate responses, no matter how they reach out. Seamless integration streamlines operations, reducing response times and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Resolve Issues Proactively.
Proactive issue resolution is key to maintaining customer trust.’s AI workforce, for instance, handles a wide range of delivery issues, allowing you to configure custom make-good policies and streamline tasks for final resolution by your team. This proactive approach minimizes friction and ensures efficient problem-solving, keeping your customers happy and loyal. Addressing issues before they escalate shows customers you are committed to their satisfaction, which can lead to increased customer lifetime value.

Ensure Seamless Returns.
Seamless returns and exchanges are vital for customer satisfaction, and's return/exchange solution, for example, simplifies the process. Available as a standalone feature or part of a platform subscription, it supports return-to-store, mail-in returns, and third-party locations, offering your customers flexibility. Integration with Happy Returns (by PayPal) and exchange suggestions help retain sales, and AI-powered virtual agents ensure smooth assistance, while webhooks support post-purchase marketing. By delivering an Amazon-like self-service return experience, you can exceed customer expectations, drive satisfaction, and encourage repeat business.

Make Every Delivery Count with Powered by ThirdChannel

When your customers choose your brand, they’re entrusting you with their expectations and loyalty. 
Streamlining same-day delivery is a powerful way to honor that trust, ensuring their orders arrive swiftly and accurately. By using solutions like, you provide real-time tracking and proactive updates, giving your customers peace of mind and transparency every step of the way. This kind of service not only reinforces their confidence in your brand but also cultivates lifelong fans of your brand.
Ready to fortify your customers' trust and elevate their shopping experience? Schedule a demo with ThirdChannel to discover how can transform your business by streamlining same-day delivery practices.

Published by Trevor Imani, Head of Global Sales May 20, 2024
Trevor Imani, Head of Global Sales