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Mind the Store is your guide to whats's happening now in retail, bringing actionable reports straight from the store floor to help brands and retailers navigate the future of retail in a tech-driven world.

Data Insights

Next-Generation Demos: What You Need to Offer Exceptional Customer Experiences

As a tried-and-true retail strategy, demos are a great way to drive product trials. The try-before-you-buy approach is especially popular for food and beverage brands, where the buying decision...

Data Insights

Holiday Shoppers – Smarter Than Ever? What Brands, Retailers Need to Know

The holidays are upon us, and that means a flood of foot traffic to brick and mortar retail stores. But is your brand ready to take advantage of the opportunity?

Industry Trends

Data, Data, Data: Applying the Lessons of Ecommerce Success In-Store

Ecommerce accounts for less than 10 percent of retail sales today, yet brands everywhere are pouring resources into online innovation. Walmart, for example, acquired Amazon competitor Jet.com for ...

State of In-Store

Inventory Management is the Bridge Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar

It’s surprising to some that the physical retail space is a key component of online shopping. While consumers may start their shopping journey online, many visit brick-and-mortar stores to see and...

Data Insights

Data Shows Assisted Selling Boosts Brands’ Bottom Lines

Assisted selling is a tried-and-true method brands use to drive sales in retail stores. The sales tactic involves companies sending brand champions into third-party retail stores to work alongside...

State of In-Store

Stop the Disappearing Associate Act with Mobile Technology

Most consumers today have experienced the vanishing retail associate act: The associate, when asked to locate a product, will tell a consumer they're going to "check the system" or "see if it's in...

Industry Trends

New Store Formats Show Promise for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Earlier this year, Target unveiled plans for new store layouts to accommodate changes in the retail industry. The goal is to create separate spaces for the errand-running shoppers and those taking...

State of In-Store

Emotion Sells: 4 Ways to Connect with Consumers In Stores

The physical space of retail stores is a brand’s biggest asset, a place they can connect with consumers in a way that’s still impossible online. The key? An emotional connection: one that engages...

State of In-Store

Toys Lead Phygital Experience in Retail Stores

Amid a dour drumbeat of retail closures, bankruptcies and liquidations, retailers are investing in hybrid physical-digital experiences designed to engage shoppers, increase foot traffic and boost...

Future of Retail

IoT: Inventory Management’s Secret Weapon

Will 2017 be the year the internet of things began to revive the fortunes of bricks-and-mortar?

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