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Mind the Store is your guide to whats's happening now in retail, bringing actionable reports straight from the store floor to help brands and retailers navigate the future of retail in a tech-driven world.

Industry Trends

Whole Foods Can Partner with Brands to Improve Customer Experience

It’s no secret that tensions between Whole Foods and its suppliers and vendors have been on the rise in recent months. As Whole Foods revamps its in-store strategy, it has started charging vendors...

Industry Trends

Mobile is the New Chaperone for Local In-Store Retail

When was the last time you pulled out your smartphone while you were out and Googled something like “grocery stores near me,” or “department stores near me”? Perhaps you asked Siri or Alexa...

Industry Trends

Physical Retail Growth is Hiding in Plain Sight

The headlines around physical retail often paint a picture of gloom and doom, with the focus on the number of stores that are closing. But, the common emphasis on “physical versus digital” is...

State of In-Store

The Power of Next-Gen Retail Analytics

Let’s say you’re trying to decide which movie to go see this weekend, so you ask a few friends for recommendations. They might simply rattle off the recent movies they’ve enjoyed, but that...

Industry Trends

What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Learn from Alibaba’s New Retail Strategy

Increasingly, ecommerce giants are expanding into physical retail, because they’re learning what retail brands and manufacturers already know: that in-store is where a majority (over 90%) of...

Industry Trends

Will Target’s Latest Moves Help it Compete Better With Amazon and Walmart?

Target’s been busy recently bolstering its supply chain and eCommerce operations to excite any shoppers looking for convenience. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us.

State of In-Store

Who’s Responsible for In-Store Sales: The Brand or The Retailer?

Recently, I was reminded of the story of George Saunders, who ran a grocery store in Memphis back in the early 20th century. In those days, each customer would give their shopping list to the...

State of In-Store

Point-Of-Sale Analytics Help Brands Drive Sales, Become a Better Partner to Retailers

This guest post was contributed by T.J. Blons, Sales Manager, Supplier Analytics at SPS Commerce, a ThirdChannel partner. 

State of In-Store

To Keep up With The Largest Shopping Market in History, Take Another Look at In-store Associates

Millennials have already outpaced their predecessors when it comes to purchasing power. And Gen Z, on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020, already accounts for $29...

Industry Trends

Calling All Retailers: Beware of Shiny Objects Like Amazon Go That May Distract You

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t heard about the opening of Amazon Go, their checkout-free convenience store, here’s the scoop: it’s officially open. After nearly a year of delays,...

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